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Tao Te Ching ~ Chapter 38 ~ excerpts ~
A truly good man is not aware of his goodness
And is therefore good
A foolish man tries to be good
And is therefore not good
A truly good man does nothing
Yet leaves nothing undone
A foolish man is always doing
Yet much remains to be done
When a truly kind man does something
He leaves nothing undone
When a just man does something
He leaves a great deal to be done
When a disciplinarian does something and no one responds
He rolls up his sleeves in an attempt to enforce order
Therefore when Tao is lost...?
There is goodness
When goodness is lost
There is kindness
When kindness is lost
There is justice
When justice is lost there is ritual
Now ritual is the husk of faith and loyalty
The beginning of confusion
Knowledge of the future is only a flowery trapping of Tao
It is the beginning of folly
Therefore the truly great man dwells on what is real
And not what is on the surface
On the fruit and not the flower
Therefore accept the one and reject the other
~ Translation by Gia-Fu Feng & Jane English ~

Tao Te Ching ~ Chapter 39 excerpts~
… the highest authority needs the basement as its base
And the depths are the foundation of the heights
That is why rulers call themselves lonely,
Like souls in a wilderness who have no home
And, in doing so' don't they see then
That their roots lie with the people?
To see your self as extraordinary
Is to stand out like jade among ordinary stones
But what people ignore – the lonely, and
The worthless is the rock a true leader finds himself on
You see, you sin by losing – and you lose by succeeding
Tao Te Ching ~ Translated by: Man-Ho Kwok, Martin Palmer, Jay Ramsay, & Thomas Cleary
Below is another Translation by Gia-Fu Feng & Jane English excerpts~
. ... Therefore the humble is the root of the noble
The low is the foundation of the high
Princes and lords consider themselves
Orphaned, widowed, and worthless
Do they not depend on being humble?
Too much success is not an advantage
Do not tinkle like jade
Or clatter like stone chimes

Tao Te Ching ~ Chapter 41 excerpts~
… the path that is bright seems dull,
And the one who is going towards the Tao
Seems, in fact, to be going backwards -
And those who think that the Way is easy
Will find it extremely hard
The greatest virtue is to be empty like the valley
Those who think they are perfect never are -
Those who feel that they are feel inadequate to the task,
And morals seem to be no more than a contrivance
A great square has no corners;
A great work is never done with'
A great shout comes from a whisper,
And the greatest of forms is beyond shape
Tao without substance -
Invisible -
Forever creating
Tao Te Ching ~ Translated by: Man-Ho Kwok, Martin Palmer, Jay Ramsay, & Thomas Cleary
Below is another Translation by Gia-Fu Feng & Jane English excerpts~
… Hence it is said:
The bright path seems dim
Going forward seems like retreat
The easy way seems hard
The highest Virtue seems empty
Great purity seems sullied
A wealth of Virtue seems inadequate
The strength of virtue seems frail
Real Virtue seems unreal
The perfect square has no corners
Great talents ripen late
The highest notes are hard to hear
The greatest form has no shape
The Tao is hidden and without name
The Tao alone nourishes and brings everything to fulfillment

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