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Dalia was commissioned from the Paradise Valley, Scottsdale & North Phoenix, Arizona school district to beautify their exterior entrance ~ walkway building's wall, towards the principle's office & the main high school buildings thorough fairway for all visitors & students.

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The above mural is located at Shadow Mountain High School off of Shea Blvd. near Rt 51 Paradise Valley, Scottsdale & North Phoenix, Arizona

This full color hand painted custom large scale mural size Dimensions are 18 feet high by 13 feet wide. High school, slogan, mascot, logo, eye catching to cars passing by on the road with meaningful education based murals that depict the school & it's community.
Dalia works with Schools Investment in MURAL ARTS, Visual Art's & partnership with city programs to design, implement & use visual arts education program around the creation & restoration of murals in and around District schools. Dalia's artwork in the schools represents a significant investment & commitment by the School District to restore quality visual art program & awareness in schools. The District's new Mural ~ Education Programs will restore & create more murals throughout the School District & create a sense for a School Reform Commission. Our students will certainly benefit from the Dalia's ~ Mural Art's twenty years of experience in creating murals & involving thousands of citizens in the appreciation & creation of public art. Dalia's future will involve more:

Creation of new murals at schools
Creating a new Mural Arts Program valley wide & throughout all Counties in AZ & USA
Creation of a community/campus beautification program
Restoration of the District's existing murals
Expansion of professional development opportunities in the arts
Community & Campus Beautification
Mural Restoration
New Mural Creation
This mural on the left inspired the school district to call Dalia & commission her from the Paradise Valley, Scottsdale & North Phoenix, Arizona School District

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